2015 Annual Conference Presentations

Opening Session

WEF Address   Ed McCormick, WEF President
Sustaining Michigan's Water Heritage   Jon Allan, Office of the Great Lakes
MDEQ Update   Bill Creal, MDEQ - Water Resources Division
Our Water Journey: From Seed to Spoon   Erin Augustine, Kellogg Company

Session 1 - Energy Management

Leveraging Utility Incentives to Increase Plant Efficiency and Reduce Costs   Leila Saber, Consumers Energy Business Solutions
Brian Ross, Genesee County Water and Waste Services
Deammonification Systems - Low O&M, High Performance
*Coming Soon*
  Infilco Degremont, Inc.
Risk Mitigation for Aging Electrical Infrastructure   Tim Murphy, Schneider Electric
City of Lowell and Local Industries Create Biomass to Energy Sweetspot   Steve Williams, Williams & Works

Session 2 - Stormwater

WaterTowns & Green Infrastructure: Improving Watersheds through Community Engagement and Planning
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  Donald Carpenter, Lawrence Tech. University
Anne Vaara, Clinton River Watershed Council
Rachel Pieschek, Lawrence Tech. University
SAW Grant Examples for Stormwater Asset Management Planning   Greg Kacvinsky, OHM Advisors
Large Scale CSO Storage Design and Construction Lessons   Robert Stevenson, ARCADIS
Achieving Compliance Goals and Beyond: KVCC Campus Becomes Stormwater Neutral   Brian Boyer, Kieser & Associates, LLC

Session 3 - Collections & Hot Topics

Prediction of Sulfide Corrosion in Sewers as a Tool to Improve Field Assessment and Prescribe Mitigation Approaches   Christopher Wilson & Nicole Spieles, Greeley and Hansen
Comprehensive Inspection and Condition ASsessment of Ductile Iron Force Main Pipes   Dennis Dineen, Donohue & Associates, Inc.
Gathering Data and Applying Appropriate Technology: the Keys to Cost-Effective Sewer Rehabilition   Dianne Sumego & Bryon Livingston, Black & Veatch Corp.
HMA What?   Jennifer Zelski, Hamlett Environmental Technologies Co.
Realtime Control Implementation at the City of Grand Rapids Wastewater Treatment Plant   Michael Lunn, City of Grand Rapids
Phosphorus Recovery at the World's Largest WRRF   David Koch, Black & Veatch Corp.
Mwende Lefler, MWRDGC
Ahren Britton, Ostara Nutrient Recovery

Session 4 - Process & Design

Expansion or Optimization: What's in Your Future?   Jack Rafter, Fishbeck, Thompson, Carr & Huber
Joel Davenport, Holland BPW
Equalization Basin Sizing and Design Considerations   David Delia, AECOM
Consolidating the Genoa-Oceola and Oak Pointe WWTPs: Make the Seemingly Impossible a Reality   Greg Tatara & Tesha Humphriss, Genoa Charter Township
Meeting a Phosphorus Limit of 0.03. Yes, 0.03   Mark Prein & Nate Ver Heul, Prein&Newhof
Hybrid Activated Sludge Process   Briand McGovern, Degremont Technologies - Infilco
Integrating Design and Construction for the Facilities Renovations Project at the City of Ann Arbor WWTP   Earl Kenzie, City of Ann Arbor
Chris Englert & Tom Porter, ARCADIS

Session 5 - Watershed

Integrating Asset Management Principles to Watershed Management: A Risk-Based Asset Management Approach to Stormwater Assets   Mark Van Auken, ARCADIS
Restoring the St. Clair River   Patty Troy, St. Clair River Binational Public Advisory Council
Lewis Drain Riparian Buffer Restoration   Lara Sucharski, Macomb County Public Works
Dan Christian, Tetra Tech
Habitat Grant Projects in the Clinton River Watershed   Jamie Burton, HRC
Lynne Seymour, Macomb County Public Works
Michigan State University Extension Comprehensive Onsite Wastewater Management Education Program   Terry Gibb, MSU
Bindu Bhakta, MSU

Session 6 - Process & Design

Size Does Matter: How Aeration Basin Configurations Impact Nutrients, Aeration, and Biomass Health   Craig Heisel, Donohue & Associates, Inc.
Optimizations of Secondary Wastewater Treatment Operations   Xiaowei Zhang, Detroit Water & Sewerage
Water Resource Recovery Facility Hydraulic Modeling   Paul Bahs, ARCADIS
Reducing Biosolids Handling Costs and Improving Efficiency with Slow Speed Screw Presses   Erin Szczgielniak, Fishbeck, Thompson, Carr & Huber
Effects of Biosolids Moisture Content on Indicator Organism Reduction via Freezing and Thawing   Christa Meingast, Michigan Technological University

Closing Session

News from the Field
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  Steve Aiken, Duperon
Mississippi River Voyage
MRV Video
  Gary & Linda De Kock
Dan Wolz Science Teacher Grant Winner
*Coming Soon*
  Tammy Coleman, Lowell Public Schools
The Great Lakes Clean Communities Network: Connecting Communities for Resource Protection   Ruth Kline-Robach, Michigan State University