2017 Annual Conference Presentations

MWEA's 92nd Annual Conference
Technical Presentations*
June 18th - June 21st, 2017
Boyne Mountain Resort - Boyne Falls, MI

OPENING SESSION (Monday, June 19th, 2017)

President's Welcome - Brian Ross, Genesee County Water & Waste Services
WEF Address - Lynn Broaddus, WEF
Michigan Water Resource Utility of the Future - Update on Framework - Peter Cavagnaro, Johnson Controls, Chris Conn, MDEQ, and Brian Hannon, Moore & Bruggink, Inc.
MDEQ Update - Heidi Grether, MDEQ
Water For People - Eleanor Allen, Water For People


SESSION 1: Utility of the Future (Monday, June 19th, 2017)

Upgrading Digester Biogas to Natural Gas Quality - Robert Kulchawik, AECOM
Dynamic Process Modeling for Managing Energy Efficiency - Rich Beardslee, Battle Creek WRRF and Kendra Sveum, PE, Donohue & Associates
How to Double Your Biogas Dollars - David Wrightsman, Energy Systems Group
The Hidden Life of Aeration Diffusers - David Redmon, Donohue & Associates


SESSION 2: Watershed (Monday, June 19th, 2017)

Best Practices for Public Outreach: How to Educate Effectively Through Online Storytelling - Eileen Boekestein, Grand Valley Metro Council
Using Sediment Transport Equilibrium to Drive Stream Restoration and Establish Sediment Load Reduction Targets - Scott Isenberg, GEI Consultants, Inc
Eco-Logical: I-75 Transportation Planning to Achieve Multiple Environmental Outcomes - Margaret Barondess, Michigan Department of Transportation and Kelly Karll, Southeast Michigan Council of  Governments
Green Infrastructure Implementation: Planning for a Sustainable Future - Donald Carpenter, Lawrence Technological University


SESSION 3: Stormwater (Tuesday, June 20th, 2017)

The Role of Green Infrastructure in Achieving Water Quality Standards - Kelly Karll, Southeast Michigan Council of  Governments
Applications of 2-Dimensional Storm Water Modeling? Efficiency, Accuracy, Solution Driven - Burton Johnson, Lockwood, Andrews and Newnam, Inc. and Samir Matta, Lockwood, Andrews and Newnam, Inc.
Protecting Your Investment:  Maintaining your Green Infrastructure Projects - Tonya Lewandowski, Environmental Consulting & Technology, Inc.
Rainfall as a Resource - Sustainable Management at KVCC - Brian Boyer, Kieser & Associates, LLC
The Road to Storm Water Management Compliance: MDOT's SWMP Update - Meredith Cote, AECOM, Dan DeVaun, AECOM, and Chris Potvin, Michigan Department of Transportation
Demonstration of an Integrated Drainage System to Mitigate Parking Lot Stormwater Runoff - Donald Carpenter, Drummond Carpenter PLLC

SESSION 4: Process & Design (Tuesday, June 20th, 2017)

Preliminary Investigations into the Adverse Effects of Low Phosphorous Levels on Settleability at the GLWA WWTP - Majid Khan, Great Lakes Water Authority and Stephen McGowan, Wade Trim
Integrated real-time SRT and Aeration Control in the City of Grand Rapids - Dr. Evangelina Belia, Primodal US Inc. and Michael Lunn, City of Grand Rapids
Sludge Thickening/Storage Alternatives Analysis for a 225 MGD Wastewater Treatment Facility - Tim Sullivan, Hubbell, Roth & Clark
Advances in Wastewater Treatment Technology - Nathan Cassity, PE, Donohue & Associates
Exploring the Best use of Biogas - Scott Carr, Black & Veatch
Battle Creek's New Sludge Management Plan - Richard Beardslee, City of Battle Creek and Steven Wordelman, P.E., Jones & Henry Engineers, Ltd.

SESSION 5: Collections & Utility Management (Tuesday, June 20th, 2017)

Ice-Pigging of Sanitary Forecemains Case Study - Dan Stickel, Waterford DPW
Attacking the Big Data Challenge: Integrating Collection System Flow Monitoring and Modeling into Financial Billing - Benjamin Whitehead, Black & Veatch
Macomb County Wastewater Disposal District (MCWDD) Sewerage Metering Facility Rehabilitation/Repair Project - Bradley Shepler, Hubbell, Roth & Clark, Inc.
Making the Most of What You Have - Andrew Dow, Donohue & Associates
What Infrastructure Should I Inspect Next? A Visual Prediction Model - Hannah Slabaugh, OHM Advisors

SESSION 6: Asset Management (Tuesday, June 20th, 2017)

A Successful Asset Management Program - The City of Saginaw Experience - Gary Vaughan, Greeley and Hansen
Asset Management - Moving from Big Data to Implementation - Steve Oosting, Prein&Newhof
Asset Management - Value and Implementation - Craig Heisel, PE, Donohue & Associates
QBS - The Path to a Successful Project - Ronald Brenke, Qualifications-Based Selection, Inc.
Water Resource Recovery Facility and its External Impacts; The Social Cost and What Can Be Done - Adam DeYoung, Moore & Bruggink


PLENARY SESSION (Wednesday, June 21st, 2017)

President's Welcome and Address - Cheryl Vosburg, City of Marshall
News From the Field - Steve Aiken, Duperon
Dan Wolz Science Teacher Grant Winners - Lea Sevigny, Forest Hills Public Schools and Connie Atkisson, Detroit Public Schools
Climate Change and the Great Lakes - Jeffrey Andresen, Michigan State University
Flint, Michigan Issues, Challenges and Trenchless Technology Solutions - George Krisztian, MDEQ

*Not all presentations were available for posting online.