Excavator Education Program

2019 Excavator Education Program Resources

Michigan's natural gas utilities, transmission pipeline operators, and MISS DIG 811 have teamed up, as part of their Pipeline Public Awareness Programs, to provide you with resources to promote safe digging practices. We recommend that you share this information with employees and sub-contractors involved in excavating, and office staff responsible for creating MISS DIG 811 requests.
The links included in this email provide information about safe excavation near pipelines to protect the public, your employees and the environment. This year we are pleased to announce our partnership with the National Excavator Initiative (NEI) to provide additional content including:
•    A safety brochure
•    Access to the NEI website
•    A mobile application
•    Videos that highlight the one call process
•    New public service announcements (PSAs)
The videos and PSAs feature a series of industry experts with Mike Rowe, skilled workforce advocate best known as the executive producer and host of Dirty Jobs and his new Facebook web series Returning the Favor. Please take a few minutes and visit the www.SafeExcavator.com website. Videos can be found on the home and "Meet the Experts" pages. More videos — ranging from the one call center to line locators and the excavator community — will be added throughout this year’s effort that highlight various aspects of the one call and damage prevention process. 
Other resources include the:

•    NEI Safe Excavator Website- Contains information about the infrastructure all around you and the safety steps necessary to protect it. Included are state-specific information and safety videos featuring Mike Rowe, his alter-ego Micro Mike Rowe and underground damage prevention experts. https://www.safeexcavator.com/missdig811 
•    NEI Brochure- Will help you identify pipelines and other underground facilities, prevent damage, project yourself in the event of a pipeline-related emergency, and report an emergency or suspicious activity. Available in English and Spanish
•    NEI Safe Excavator Mobile Application- Provides quick reference to excavating laws, a safety checklist, One Call Center contact information, and additional resources for all 50 states. Download it for free from Google Play or the App Store (SAFEEXCAVATOR). 
•    MISS DIG 811 2019 Excavation Handbook for Gas & Liquid Pipelines- Includes essential information about safe excavation near pipelines including how to recognize a gas or petroleum leak, what to do if you make contact or damage a pipeline, locate requests, dispute resolution, national pipeline mapping system, PA 174, and more. Excavation Handbook
Links to the NEI Brochures and the MISS DIG 811 2019 Excavation Handbook for Gas & Liquid Pipelines are also available from MISS DIG 811's website at https://www.missdig.org/education/excavator-education-program.html 
A brief e-survey will provide beneficial feedback for improvements to the MISS DIG 811 2019 Excavation Handbook for Gas & Liquid Pipelines. To access the survey, please CLICK HERE.