Health & Safety Committee Webpage

Health and Safety Committee Webpage
The committee shall develop, recommend, and conduct programs to promote the understanding of all safety and health matters, and shall aid in development of safety programs to encourage safety practices in the wastewater industry.
Specific Activities:
  1. Promote and encourage all health and safety practices for all water resource recovery facilities.
  2. Provide assistance to all MWEA Committees and its members on all related health and safety matters.
  3. Plan and conduct an annual committee sponsored events and/or contribute to the technical presentations at other MWEA training activities. 
MWEA Health & Safety Awards
  1. Health and Safety Professional of the Year, the committee shall recommend a worthy candidate who is working daily in the field of Health & Safety. This individual will have demonstrated outstanding dedication to an employer its employees and to the MWEA; has excelled professionally; and has publicly promoted the Health & Safety Profession. 
  2. MWEA Health and Safety Awards, the committee shall make recommendations of potential facilities that demonstrate a commitment to health and safety; as evident by an effective; well established and documented Health & Safety Program and the management and staff team who support, promote, and cooperate in achieving the goal of a safe work environment. The committee shall consider candidates in the following classifications: 
    1. Municipal Award 
      1. Large Facility (> 10 Employees)
      2. Small Facility (< 10 Employees) 
    2. Industrial Award 
  3. WEF “George W. Burke” Award, the committee shall recommend a candidate for this award based upon a level of demonstrated dedication and excellence to the field of health & safety.
Health & Safety Committee Chair & Co-Chair
Committee Chair –
Christine Purdy, 
Co-Chair – Hugo Cardenas -

Health & Safety Committee Members
Dave Maloney -
Meghana Kamath -
Jason McM
anus -
David Thibeault -
Allesha Morris -
Joseph Keefe -
Gary Timmer -

Don Nichols -
Rene Kalkman -

General Health and Safety Policies 

Inspection Forms

Meeting Minutes and Past Seminar Presentations

Health & Safety Award Nomination Form

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Pictures from the 2017 Meeting at Joint Expo:


Pictures from the 2016 Health and Safety Seminar: