Welcome to the mWEA Water For People Committee Webpage

Committee Leadership

Committee ChairGary De Kock, Retired
Committee ChairLorene Bruns, Duperon
Committee Vice ChairJosh Redner, Fishbeck

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Vision Statement

To help build a world where all people have access to safe drinking water and sanitation, and where no one suffers or dies from a water or sanitation related diseases.

Mission Statement

1. AWARENESS, 2. EDUCATE, 3. RAISE MONEY (Awareness – Make people aware that many places around do not have access to clean drinking water and safe sanitary facilities, Educate – Show people what others have to go through who do not have access to clean water, safe sanitary facilities and the impact it has on day-to-day life, Raise Money – Obtain funding to help with projects that provide solutions to drinking water and sanitary facilities safety issues)